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Databases and data structures.

The introduction to the DBs and main functional features that useful in daily developer life. Also some problems with solutions for most common problems.

Java SE

Main high level programming language for back-end solutions. We will use it like basic language for solving our issues. Also we will touch other Java related frameworks and technologies like Hibernate, JSP etc.

HTML5 and all front-end development

Usability and front-end development using most testy part of HTML5 technologies. We will try our best with JavaScript also we will find ways to power-up our front-end with AngularJS.

Mobile apps market

Main trend of present days for all developer and biggest software market in the world. The fastest way to deliver you ideas from your head to user is a mobile app.


What this site is about?

That is personal dev blog. It still in development and I'm going to update it soon and will make it more readable and more user friendly. What you can expect to see on this site?

  • Note from my personal practise of using MongoDB.
  • Sometimes topics and hints for MySQL users.
  • General discussion around data aggregation with maximum performance mostly MongoDB.
  • Main dev language for back-end are Java.
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and other things for front-end dev.
  • Will try post some news, reviews and all interesting staff about IT.

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